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New prints, bold colours and the desire to amaze. Easy to wear and suitable for everyday looks as well as special occasions. F/W dresses express a feminine refinement in the most beloved and versatile fits, updated by new combinations and up-to-date details.

Dress Black - CFC0095828003B001Dress Black - CFC0095828003B001
Dress var black - CFC0095990003B473Dress var black - CFC0095990003B473
Dress var tabacco - CFC0095794003B513Dress var tabacco - CFC0095794003B513
Dress Black - CFC0095329003B001Dress Black - CFC0095329003B001
Dress White Wool - CFC0094107003B037Dress White Wool - CFC0094107003B037
Dress Grey - CFC0095988003B241Dress Grey - CFC0095988003B241
Dress Black - CFC0096259003B001Dress Black - CFC0096259003B001
Dress Black - CFC0094107003B001Dress Black - CFC0094107003B001
Dress var ivory - CFC0095973003B435Dress var ivory - CFC0095973003B435
Dress Black - CFC0095948003B001Dress Black - CFC0095948003B001
Dress Black - CFC0017087002B001Dress Black - CFC0017087002B001
Dress var tabacco - CFC0095793003B513Dress var tabacco - CFC0095793003B513
Dress var black - CFC0096542003B473Dress var black - CFC0096542003B473
Dress var black - CFC0095843003B473Dress var black - CFC0095843003B473
Dress Gold - CFC0096000003B266Dress Gold - CFC0096000003B266
Dress White - CFC0095578003B021Dress White - CFC0095578003B021
Dress Camel Beige - CFC0096398003B117Dress Camel Beige - CFC0096398003B117
Dress Black - CFC0096086003B001Dress Black - CFC0096086003B001
Dress White - CFC0095342003B021Dress White - CFC0095342003B021
Dress var. Pink - CFC0094980003B476Dress var. Pink - CFC0094980003B476
Dress Black - CFC0095341003B001Dress Black - CFC0095341003B001