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For the office and the weekend: from classic models reinterpreted in new materials and colours to the new flared, cropped, high-waist fit, in line with the latest catwalk trends.

Trousers Black - CFC0094432003B001Trousers Black - CFC0094432003B001
Trousers Pink - CFC0095433003B221Trousers Pink - CFC0095433003B221
Trousers Camel Beige - CFC0095521003B117Trousers Camel Beige - CFC0095521003B117
Trousers Camel Beige - CFC0095552003B117Trousers Camel Beige - CFC0095552003B117
Trousers var black - CFC0095137003B473Trousers var black - CFC0095137003B473
Trousers Red - CFC0095456003B081Trousers Red - CFC0095456003B081
Trousers Black - CFC0095384003B001Trousers Black - CFC0095384003B001
Trousers Grey - CFC0095912003B241Trousers Grey - CFC0095912003B241
Trousers var head of moro - CFC0095283003B514Trousers var head of moro - CFC0095283003B514
Trousers Rosa Antico - CFC0095017003B235Trousers Rosa Antico - CFC0095017003B235
Trousers Light blue - CFC0093967003B061Trousers Light blue - CFC0093967003B061
Trousers var white - CFC0095069003B434Trousers var white - CFC0095069003B434
Trousers Blue - CFC0095363003B041Trousers Blue - CFC0095363003B041
Trousers Acid green - CFC0093850003B156Trousers Acid green - CFC0093850003B156
Trousers Blue - CFC0093823003B041Trousers Blue - CFC0093823003B041
Trousers Black - CFC0095250003B001Trousers Black - CFC0095250003B001
Trousers Black - CFC0095098003B001Trousers Black - CFC0095098003B001
Trousers Black - CFC0093927003B001Trousers Black - CFC0093927003B001
Trousers White Cream - CFC0094182003B036Trousers White Cream - CFC0094182003B036